You may only be one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person.” – Anonymous.

Couple portraits reveal your love for each other. It is a very special time in your relationship. The courtship is an exciting time in your relationship. Time spent together getting to know each other. The relationship becomes more serious in the engagement phase. Commitment and planning thoughts of a future together. The final commitment is marriage and possibly plans for building a family. Each of these phases are important to photograph to preserve your unique love story. The giddiness and playfulness of courtship, the excitement and planning of engagement and the ultimate commitment and deeper love of marriage. We want to share in telling your love story. Portraits of the place you met, places that hold special memories of time spent together and the exciting proposal. We typically use our long lenses to be far away from couples so that they are in their moment together without even thinking of the camera capturing it. An album of your love story will be a invaluable gift to your future family!

A few tips:

  • A week before – Haircuts, if desired
  • The night before – layout clothing and accessories
  • The night before – clean/trim fingernails
  • The night before – clean/polish shoes
  • The day of – relax and arrive on time!
  • Bring accessories and/or props that have special meaning to you