Honored Memory – Make a Difference

couple, man and woman casual studio portraitIn loving memory of James…my Daddy. Even as a child I knew I was blessed with special parents but it wasn’t until I was a young adult that I knew of a few of their sacrifices. We could always depend on our parents to encourage and support us in whatever situation in our life. They always showed and taught us about unconditional love.  As a young child Daddy had only his brother and his Dad as family, yet he grew up to be a loving, caring and giving family man. Family was of the utmost importance to him and he always provided and focused on us. He was a self-taught auto mechanic that learned throughout the years to be a Master Mechanic and to operate his own heavy equipment company. Daddy could fix anything – ask any of his grandkids, which he adored. My parents instilled in us that family was very important. After Daddy sold his company he enjoyed restoring antique cars. Unfortunately at the young age of 76 he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and Jesus took him home. I knew Daddy was a generous man and always seemed available to help people but it came full circle at his funeral.  Hundreds of people came to honor him.  We lived in a small town outside a city population of 195,000. It was the most honorable and respectful funeral I have ever witnessed. My brother and family delivered my Daddy’s antique cars, awarded scooters, trophies from his racing days which covered the parking lot and inside building. People, many of which I had never met, came up to me and told me of how much my Daddy helped them throughout their lives. Even the Pastor when giving the service stated often times Daddy would palm him money as he shook his hand while leaving church and told him it was for his family (from a small country church). Their kind words were priceless. My Daddy was a self-made man, went from limited financially to being comfortable and all along the way he touched the lives of others with his secret generosity (Matthew 6:4). As the story of a Wonderful Life goes…my Daddy was the richest man in town! He was a great example and touched many lives. So as you go through life strive to make a difference, you may never know just how much you impact another person.