Love yourself and stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out”. Jenn Proske.

Each stage in life has obstacles needing encouragement and self-esteem building. This is so true of T’weens! Show them how important they are by boosting their self-worth with a portrait session. T’weens are often caught between being a child and teenager may feel a little awkward, uncertain or over-looked. It is imperative they receive a boost of self-esteem. They are the “star” in our portrait sessions. We let them know how great they are doing which builds their self-esteem and results in better portraits.

A few tips:

  • A week before – Haircut, if desired
  • The day of – Clean/trim fingernails
  • Clothing – Solid colors best, small patterns, layered, hats, scarves, jackets
  • Organize clothing on hangers
  • Clean shoes
  • Bring props that are special to them